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Jeff and Scott talk about ice fishing and how to stay safe. Ice fishing is a Canadian tradition that provides a great opportunity for anglers to enjoy the bounty God has blessed us with. It is important to be very safe and we share a few tips for reading the ice and knowing areas that can be unsafe.

Jeff and I are joined by Joe Pickstock of PB&J Charters.  Joe’s clients have managed to take the top three spots in the hooked for life walleye challenge thanks to Joe’s guiding skills.  Listen as Joe talks about his season from the boat and hits a fish while on the air.

Big Jim Mclaughlin joins us to talk about his fishing magazine “Just Fishing”. Big Jim shares about his magazine and the new website as well as some of the content in his upcoming ice fishing edition.

This week we are joined by Tom McMurray from Rapala Canada to talk about the new ice fishing gear. Rapala Canada is bringing out lots of new gear including, power drills, and portable ice tents. Tom gives us an inside look at the new gear.

Jeff and Scott are joined by Ryan Williams President of the Bay of Quinte Tourist Council. Ryan talks about what the Bay of Quinte area has to offer in the fall, which of course involves the world class walleye fishery. Ryan shares the Bay of Quinte Country website and explains how the many packages can be booked.

This week we discuss Planer boards. The inline planer board such as the Offshore OR-12 pictured is a simple tool that will significantly increase your hook ups. We also discuss several ways to modify your board that will help you use them more effectively.