Hello Everyone

I would like to ask you to support our COHO RESTORATION PROGRAM. A long outstanding member of our club, Ettore Dellaquila has submitted this program as an idea to an organization called, Aviva Community Fund.

Aviva runs a contest to see which community projects/ideas are important to people. They ask for votes on these ideas and the ideas that get the most votes move forward in a competition for funding. The rules are set up like this,

Each registered individual is allowed 15 votes. Those votes can be on different community ideas or just one. If you choose just one, like myself, then you unfortunately will have to go back every day to cast a single vote . This is done until you have used up all of your 15 votes or the first round ends, October 19th. I realize that this may be a pain for many to be asked to do this daily but every vote will increase our chances for success. So lets help Ettore’s idea succeed so we all win.

To vote, click on the link provided below.


I would then ask all individual who support Ringwood and its programs to send this link to as many people as we can to ensure our vote count gets us into the qualifying rounds for funding.

As many of you know the Metro East Anglers Inc is very close to an agreement that will keep programs that our important to us going. Without the OFAH and its sponsors funding Ringwood these days the responsibility rest squarely on all of our shoulders to see this community hatchery continues to do great work.

Thanks for your Support and Help

Steve Lynas