My wife showed me a poem that she had written a few years back.  I liked what it had to say and thought that I would share it here.

A Lesson from the Sea
by Mary Chisholm

There was a woman who went out to sea
To catch a fish or two,
To bring back to her master
Just as He told her to.

She sat alone in her boat
With a line and piece of bait,
But the fish were hardly biting
So she decided just to wait.
It was getting dark, but sadly
She had not caught even one,
And her hopes and dreams were fading
Just like the setting sun,

Until she saw another woman
Who was doing just the same,
And she called across the water
“Please, tell me your name!”

New friends they fished together,
Sharing fishing tips,
‘Til they saw other fisher-folk,
In lonely fishing ships.

They beckoned for them all to come
And each one took her line,
And wove them all together
Into a net so fine

That when they raised it from the water,
Much to their delight,
There were countless fish to offer
To their Lord that night.


A local angler once said something to me that stuck.  His words were “Learn and teach”.  This poem can be looked at from various perspectives, however from even just a practical fishing level, I would like to encourage you to use this website as well as our facebook page to share your thoughts and ideas with the fishing community.  With our cumulative strengths we can all learn and teach, increasing each other’s success while also encouraging each other to respect our resources and fisheries.