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Scott and Jeff discuss some of the new products coming out for fishing electronics and sonar. Technology is always advancing in fishing, and there are some great products available for different options of structure scan. The guys discuss the new products that they are excited about and explain the new features.

Fall is the time to be on the water to find Big Bass! With winter on its way, the bass are feeding up and gaining weight. In this week’s show we discuss fall bass fishing opportunities and a few tricks for targeting both largemouth and smallmouth at this time of year.

In this week’s show, Scott finally gets to talk about his love… Salmon Fishing! Listen in as we discuss some tips on finding and catching Salmon on Lake Ontario.

Scott and Jeff discuss some tips for fishing at night. From shore fishing to navigating your boat at night, some of the best action can happen at night!

Scott and Jeff discuss trolling for walleye in the spring. From planer boards and dive curves to paying attention to details such as weather patterns, current direction and speed. Tune in as we give a few helpful hints.

In today’s show we discuss how many product developments have changed the way that we ice fish today. From electronics such as flashers and GPS, to portable shelters and ice fishing clothing developments giving us the ability to be mobile and run and gun.