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Jeff and Scott cover the missed opportunities a lot of anglers have when they put their boats away in the fall. Some of the best fish come out of the water in the fall, they are hungrier, and motivated which can make them that much easier to hook.

Polaroid_4_Walleye_Shot-Page_Curl-800Scott and Jeff share places, thoughts and moments they experienced while fishing. The fish don’t have to be huge to catch some incredible memories. What are some of your most memorable experiences on the water?

Scott and Jeff discuss some tips for ice fishing with kids. From portable ice shelters to ice fishing sonar and electronics, many advancements have been made to make ice fishing more accessible and enjoyable during the harsh winter environment. You can keep it simple or take it to the next level, but getting kids involved in this winter activity is something they will always remember.

In this week’s show we discuss a few of our favourite techniques for catching walleye at the end of the summer.

This week we discuss fishing for spring ice out Trout in Algonquin Park. This is a great opportunity to get away with the family to do a combination of camping and great trout fishing.

Scott and Jeff reluctantly give up information on how to locate and catch Spring Crappie in this week’s show.

Scott and Jeff discuss the Toronto Sportsmen Show.

A Walleye (Sander Vitreus) is often called a Pickerel, especially here in Canada. The name Pickerel is actually part of the Esox genus of Pikes or Pickerels which includes Pike and Muskellunge. A Walleye is not related to the Pike family but rather is a member of the Perch family. The Chain Pickerel (Esox Niger), […]