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Jeff talks to Scott over a satellite phone on location in the Northwest Territories on massive Great Slave Lake. Being the deepest lake in North America, you can only imagine the possibilities for Lake Trout.

Al Vandusen of the Central Lake Ontario Sport Anglers joins us to tell us about the Chinook Salmon Pen Imprinting project that their group operates as a joint venture with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Thanks to CLOSA for all of your hard work in creating additional angling opportunities and enhancing our great Salmon fishery.

In this week’s show, Scott finally gets to talk about his love… Salmon Fishing! Listen in as we discuss some tips on finding and catching Salmon on Lake Ontario.

This show discusses our responsibility as anglers to protect our fisheries to encourage sustainability for future generations. As we have discussed how to achieve depth when trolling, we also need to discuss the effects of bringing up a fish from too deep. Not just releasing a fish, but releasing a fish that will survive long term is the key. A good fish fry is something that many anglers enjoy; this is where selective harvest is encouraged. Feel free to leave any comments or questions regarding any of the topics that we discuss.