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Ice-Out-Crappie---JeffScott and Jeff discuss spring fishing and ice out crappie. Crappie are a great spring fishery in Southern Ontario and offer some of the seasons earliest open water options. Scott and Jeff discuss a few techniques and tips for location these fine table fare.

Today the topic is kids fishing, where to start and what type of gear should be used. Jeff and Scott explain that minimal equipment is needed and they provide some great locations to fish from shore in the Quinte area. Taking children fishing is a very accessible and affordable activity.

Scott and Jeff reluctantly give up information on how to locate and catch Spring Crappie in this week’s show.

Scott and Jeff discuss fishing opportunities for spring Steelhead in the various Lake Ontario tributaries.

As temperatures drop, ice fishing season is right around the corner. In this show we discuss ice safety and tips for keeping safe during the upcoming hardwater season.

In this week’s show we discuss various fishing opportunities for Salmon, Steelhead and Brown Trout to Bay of Quinte Trophy Walleye as they make their fall migratory runs.

My two year old son always wants to talk to me about walleye fishing. He absolutely loves “Big Waweye!” Often when I am sitting down to tie up my own snells, my son will come to watch me and will help by counting rotations around the hook shank when tying the knots. He and my […]