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Do you troll for walleye? In this Hooked For Life podcast, Scott and Jeff discuss the dynamics of how the various fishing line options available can affect the action of your lures while trolling. They also give a few tips on how to choose the right line for the situation.

Jeff and Scott discuss a crucial element to successful fishing and boating – knot tying. They talk about their favourite knots for tying different fishing line types and also boating knots. A great resource for learning knots is Animated Knots.

20121003-122426.jpgToday Scott and Jeff discuss what many anglers are top secret about – crappie fishing! Crappie school-up in the spring and are a lot of fun to target on light tackle. The guys explain what techniques and presentations are effective for this species at this time of year.

Scott and Jeff discuss some tips for ice fishing including the use of a micro swivel on your line to reduce line twist. Many anglers loose fish at that critical moment when navigating a fish at the hole. They also share a few tips on how to successfully land that trophy fish.

In this week’s show, Scott and Jeff talk about Spring Brown Trout Fishing. Scott lives on West Lake by the Sandbanks Provincial Park. The Sandbanks area is a great location to troll in the spring for these awesome fish. We discuss techniques and tips on how to target them.<

This show discusses the various choices available to hardwater anglers for ice fishing line and ice fishing rods. We review the positives and negatives of each option and what choices we use in various conditions.

Stacy Ash from Pro Tackle Musky Shop joins us this week to discuss fall musky fishing. This is the time of year to target the true trophies. Stacy gives us an intro to fall musky and the equipment and tackle that you could use to get started. If you have questions for Stacy, leave a comment or send us an email. You can also visit Stacy’s website at

My two year old son always wants to talk to me about walleye fishing. He absolutely loves “Big Waweye!” Often when I am sitting down to tie up my own snells, my son will come to watch me and will help by counting rotations around the hook shank when tying the knots. He and my […]