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Ashley Rae joins the show again to talk about her recent trip to New Brunswick. Ashley is a new co-host on Fly Nation TV, and spent 10 days in pursuit of atlantic salmon on different rivers systems in New Brunswick. Her entire experience was captured on film and the trailer for the show can be seen at She also wrote a blog about her experience on her website

This week, the guys are joined by Greg Amiel of Fishing 4 Tails to discuss carp fishing opportunities. Greg explains how to target carp, what presentations to use and the type of locations carp can be found. Greg also offers a carp guiding service, be sure to visit his website.

This weeks topic is fall fishing, a great time to take advantage of less populated waters as fish are in feeding mode. Scott and Jeff discuss accessible salmon and bass fishing opportunities as well as some great baits and colours for fall.

Today Jeff and Scott talk about ultraviolet (UV) enhancements, a newer technology which allows baits and lures to reflect light differently. UV light can reflect much deeper and UV enhanced baits have been successful in low light situations.

Jeff and Scott talk about iCast Orlando, the newly released items and some award winning products. Scott talks about some of his favourites, the Koppers Live Target Mouse and the Frabill FXE Stormsuit, while Jeff talks about the Marcum LX-9 Sonar/camera combo; and the features of each.

Today Jeff and Scott explain how to choose the proper trolling motor based on the size of boat and battery power required. They discuss different trolling motor features and the product options available for different types of fishing.

Jeff and Scott talk about the use of copper line for salmon fishing in Lake Ontario. Scott discusses the advantages of using copper for faster depth achievement and avoiding water fleas as well as line speed.

There are fantastic salmon fishing opportunities on Lake Ontario! The guys discuss equipment used and locations to target these mighty fish. Scott talks about his recent experiences out of Wellington Harbour.