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Jeff and Scott talk about iCast Orlando, the newly released items and some award winning products. Scott talks about some of his favourites, the Koppers Live Target Mouse and the Frabill FXE Stormsuit, while Jeff talks about the Marcum LX-9 Sonar/camera combo; and the features of each.

Scott and Jeff discuss some of the new products coming out for fishing electronics and sonar. Technology is always advancing in fishing, and there are some great products available for different options of structure scan. The guys discuss the new products that they are excited about and explain the new features.

Bob Izumi, host of the Real Fishing Show joins Scott and Jeff to discuss topics such as his first tournament win as well as how he has won many tournaments throughout his career. Check out this show to pick up a few tips that Bob has to share with us.

In this show, we discuss rigging minnows when ice fishing along with minnow care. There are various ways to present your minnows on your jigs. Each affects the action of the lure’s drop and it’s fall rate. Some will keep your minnow on your hook longer, and other’s will keep your minnow alive longer. We also cover some tips on minnow care and keeping your bait alive.

Stacy Ash from Pro Tackle Musky joins us to discuss the Pro Tackle Fish ‘n Fry Ice Fishing Derby. This is a unique tournament as you only weigh in one walleye between 2 and 6 pounds and a random weight will be drawn to determine each winner.

Scott and Jeff discuss some tips for ice fishing including the use of a micro swivel on your line to reduce line twist. Many anglers loose fish at that critical moment when navigating a fish at the hole. They also share a few tips on how to successfully land that trophy fish.

Scott and Jeff discuss some tips for ice fishing with kids. From portable ice shelters to ice fishing sonar and electronics, many advancements have been made to make ice fishing more accessible and enjoyable during the harsh winter environment. You can keep it simple or take it to the next level, but getting kids involved in this winter activity is something they will always remember.

Jeff and Scott talk about ice fishing and how to stay safe. Ice fishing is a Canadian tradition that provides a great opportunity for anglers to enjoy the bounty God has blessed us with. It is important to be very safe and we share a few tips for reading the ice and knowing areas that can be unsafe.