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Scott puts Jeff back on the hot seat with his bass fishing techniques. Jeff defines the fishing version of  pitching, and explains how to find fish by covering lots of water without trolling.

Fall is the time to be on the water to find Big Bass! With winter on its way, the bass are feeding up and gaining weight. In this week’s show we discuss fall bass fishing opportunities and a few tricks for targeting both largemouth and smallmouth at this time of year.

As we near the end of summer, it often can feel like the largemouth bass has moved away from his home. Often the key to late summer largemouth can be finding green, healthy weeds. In this show, we give you a few tips on locating and catching fall largemouth bass.

When we think about bass fishing, most of us think about shallow water. Be it docks and trees, to fields of slop. We challenge you to try targeting the deep fish this season. In this show, we discuss various techniques for targeting both deeper largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Get out of your armchair and into your boat for this fall’s football season. Large football shaped smallmouth are schooled up and putting on the feedbag this time of year. This week’s show discusses fall Bass fishing for both smallmouth and largemouth including patterns and techniques.

Don’t miss out on fall Largemouth Bass opportunities. The water is getting cooler and once you find them, they can be very aggressive. Before the water gets too cold, get out there and get in on the action!

Here is an audio interview with Derek Strub, the winner of the 2010 Canadian Open of Fishing.  Congratulations Derek!

Today is day one of the Canadian Open of Fishing in Kingston, ON.  I hope to be able attend a couple of the weigh-ins and cheer on a few of my friends that are competing.  If you haven’t heard about this tournament, here is a press release: Kingston, Ontario: Anglers will descend on Kingston next […]