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See for more ice fishing updates. The Bay of Quinte has now frozen over again. I was still fishing walleye in the boat earlier this week, however the drop in temperature has iced up the upper bay down toward Picton. While anglers are anxious to get out on the ice to fish for walleye, […]

This week Scott and Jeff talk about the best kind of bass fishing in their opinion. You can’t beat the rush those fired up fish give you when they jump at your bait. The guys talk about not only lures to use while topwater fishing, but also the gear that can make your life easier. Trigger-X_Frog

Topwater_Bass This week the guys talk some more about topwater bait options, including poppers, walk the dogs, and buzz baits. Don’t believe you need to be in less than five feet to use topwater baits, these techniques used for bass may surprise you.


Scott puts Jeff back on the hot seat with his bass fishing techniques. Jeff defines the fishing version of  pitching, and explains how to find fish by covering lots of water without trolling.


Scott asks Jeff about his experience targeting bass with Fish TV on unfamiliar lakes. Jeff shares some unique techniques to make a single bait have twice the appeal.

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Jeff talks to Scott over a satellite phone on location in the Northwest Territories on massive Great Slave Lake. Being the deepest lake in North America, you can only imagine the possibilities for Lake Trout.


Jeff and Scott speak with two special guests about their fondest memories while fishing and some of their favourite techniques. These two are full of wisdom. 


Jeff and Scott cover the missed opportunities a lot of anglers have when they put their boats away in the fall. Some of the best fish come out of the water in the fall, they are hungrier, and motivated which can make them that much easier to hook.