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Jeff and Scott speak with two special guests about their fondest memories while fishing and some of their favourite techniques. These two are full of wisdom. 


Scott and Jeff speak with Virginia and Hermon Baughman of the Belleville area about the third biggest fish from the Great Ontario Salmon Derby. This story proves that fishing really can pay, her chinook salmon won Virginia a Toyota Rav4. This incredible couple really are hooked for life.

This weeks topic is fall fishing, a great time to take advantage of less populated waters as fish are in feeding mode. Scott and Jeff discuss accessible salmon and bass fishing opportunities as well as some great baits and colours for fall.

Ashley Rae, a multi-species angler from the Bay of Quinte joins us to talk about her blog and gives an introduction to fly fishing. She discusses the fundamentals of fly fishing, such as; floating line, rod selection and fly casting. She enjoys targeting bass, pan fish, salmon and trout. Check out Ashley’s website at:

In this week’s show, Scott and Jeff discuss some tips for fishing for Salmon in the fall. Be it from shore or boat, targeting large pre-spawn mature Salmon can be a lot of fun and is another fishing opportunity available each fall.

September is upon us and maybe you are feeling like summer is over. Let us tell you that this does not mean it is time to hang up the fishing rods. Here in Ontario we have so many fall fishing opportunities available to us. In this week’s show we will share a few of these with you.

Al Vandusen of the Central Lake Ontario Sport Anglers joins us to tell us about the Chinook Salmon Pen Imprinting project that their group operates as a joint venture with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Thanks to CLOSA for all of your hard work in creating additional angling opportunities and enhancing our great Salmon fishery.

If you are wanting to try Salmon fishing, Torpedo Divers provide a cost effective solution for getting your lures down deep. You can use them with existing mono, braid, or fluorocarbon line setups or combine them with leadcore to take your leadcore setups deeper.