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20121003-122426.jpgToday Scott and Jeff discuss what many anglers are top secret about – crappie fishing! Crappie school-up in the spring and are a lot of fun to target on light tackle. The guys explain what techniques and presentations are effective for this species at this time of year.

When we think about bass fishing, most of us think about shallow water. Be it docks and trees, to fields of slop. We challenge you to try targeting the deep fish this season. In this show, we discuss various techniques for targeting both deeper largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Scott and Jeff discuss skinny water bass fishing. From the right equipment and techniques, to proper hook sets, the guys will give you some more tips to put more green fish in your boat.

In this week’s show Scott and Jeff discuss rip jigging and pitching jigs in the weeds for walleye. When the walleye move deep into the weeds don’t give up, go in there and get them!

In this show, we discuss the many ice fishing opportunities available at this time of year for the various trout species.

Stacy Ash from Pro Tackle Musky Shop joins us this week to discuss fall musky fishing. This is the time of year to target the true trophies. Stacy gives us an intro to fall musky and the equipment and tackle that you could use to get started. If you have questions for Stacy, leave a comment or send us an email. You can also visit Stacy’s website at