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Scott puts Jeff back on the hot seat with his bass fishing techniques. Jeff defines the fishing version of  pitching, and explains how to find fish by covering lots of water without trolling.

This show discusses the benefits of using line counter reels when trolling.  We explore a few tips on how to utilize this fundamental tool to fish with precision and repeat your success.  If you have any further questions, we would love to hear from you.  So feel free to leave us a comment below.

My two year old son always wants to talk to me about walleye fishing. He absolutely loves “Big Waweye!” Often when I am sitting down to tie up my own snells, my son will come to watch me and will help by counting rotations around the hook shank when tying the knots. He and my […]

A spin on harness storage

Posted: 21st September 2010 by Jeff in General
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Walleye crawler harnesses are an extremely effective presentation throughout the season. There are varying styles with numerous amounts of components available to choose from. Whether you purchase pre-made ones or tie your own, one common problem is storing them. We have all had that disaster of a tangled harness or two. If two stickbaits get […]

There are many ways to fish a crawler harness. One of the most common is the technique called bottom bouncing. It is an incredibly effective tool and a relatively easy skill to master. Bottom bouncing takes your crawler harness to the bottom of the water column using a lead weight. Just like every other aspect […]

In this week’s show we discuss a few options for baits that you can use to locate fish on new bodies of water.