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Scott and Jeff discuss some tips for ice fishing including the use of a micro swivel on your line to reduce line twist. Many anglers loose fish at that critical moment when navigating a fish at the hole. They also share a few tips on how to successfully land that trophy fish.

Scott and Jeff discuss some tips for ice fishing with kids. From portable ice shelters to ice fishing sonar and electronics, many advancements have been made to make ice fishing more accessible and enjoyable during the harsh winter environment. You can keep it simple or take it to the next level, but getting kids involved in this winter activity is something they will always remember.

When we think about bass fishing, most of us think about shallow water. Be it docks and trees, to fields of slop. We challenge you to try targeting the deep fish this season. In this show, we discuss various techniques for targeting both deeper largemouth and smallmouth bass.

In this show, we discuss the many ice fishing opportunities available at this time of year for the various trout species.

My wife showed me a poem that she had written a few years back.  I liked what it had to say and thought that I would share it here. A Lesson from the Sea by Mary Chisholm There was a woman who went out to sea To catch a fish or two, To bring back to […]