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Jeff talks to Scott over a satellite phone on location in the Northwest Territories on massive Great Slave Lake. Being the deepest lake in North America, you can only imagine the possibilities for Lake Trout.


Jeff and Scott speak with two special guests about their fondest memories while fishing and some of their favourite techniques. These two are full of wisdom. 

Ice-Out-Crappie---JeffScott and Jeff discuss spring fishing and ice out crappie. Crappie are a great spring fishery in Southern Ontario and offer some of the seasons earliest open water options. Scott and Jeff discuss a few techniques and tips for location these fine table fare.

13lb_Brown_croppedBrown Trout fishing along the shores of Prince Edward County in Lake Ontario in the spring is a great opportunity to get your boat in the water early in the season. Scott and Jeff discuss a few tips on how to target one of the first open water species to be caught in the year.

In todays episode, Jeff and Scott talk about what to consider when selecting a fishing rod. They discuss rod action, weight and length, what it means and how to properly select the rod that best suits your fishing needs. If you have any questions about selecting the right rod for you, please leave a comment or visit Hooked For Life on Facebook.

Ashley Rae, a multi-species angler from the Bay of Quinte joins us to talk about her blog and gives an introduction to fly fishing. She discusses the fundamentals of fly fishing, such as; floating line, rod selection and fly casting. She enjoys targeting bass, pan fish, salmon and trout. Check out Ashley’s website at:

If you are wanting to try Salmon fishing, Torpedo Divers provide a cost effective solution for getting your lures down deep. You can use them with existing mono, braid, or fluorocarbon line setups or combine them with leadcore to take your leadcore setups deeper.

This week we discuss fishing for spring ice out Trout in Algonquin Park. This is a great opportunity to get away with the family to do a combination of camping and great trout fishing.