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Do you troll for walleye? In this Hooked For Life podcast, Scott and Jeff discuss the dynamics of how the various fishing line options available can affect the action of your lures while trolling. They also give a few tips on how to choose the right line for the situation.

In this show, we discuss rigging minnows when ice fishing along with minnow care. There are various ways to present your minnows on your jigs. Each affects the action of the lure’s drop and it’s fall rate. Some will keep your minnow on your hook longer, and other’s will keep your minnow alive longer. We also cover some tips on minnow care and keeping your bait alive.

In this week’s show, Scott and Jeff discuss some tips for fishing for Salmon in the fall. Be it from shore or boat, targeting large pre-spawn mature Salmon can be a lot of fun and is another fishing opportunity available each fall.

As we near the end of summer, it often can feel like the largemouth bass has moved away from his home. Often the key to late summer largemouth can be finding green, healthy weeds. In this show, we give you a few tips on locating and catching fall largemouth bass.

In this week’s show, Scott finally gets to talk about his love… Salmon Fishing! Listen in as we discuss some tips on finding and catching Salmon on Lake Ontario.

In this week’s show, Scott and Jeff talk about Spring Brown Trout Fishing. Scott lives on West Lake by the Sandbanks Provincial Park. The Sandbanks area is a great location to troll in the spring for these awesome fish. We discuss techniques and tips on how to target them.<

Scott and Jeff reluctantly give up information on how to locate and catch Spring Crappie in this week’s show.